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‘Stage 7’ evoke the future, while holding on to the past. The distinct 80s influence masquerade’s within a contemporary approach bringing a unique and intriguing flavour, complimented by dark emotive lyricism. Expect warm analogue synthesis and organic saxophone licks, embedded within thick vocal harmonies.

Writing under the alias 'Funk Ethics', Danny Linton has made major contributions to the deeper UK bass music scene, with releases on Pitch Black/Destructive, Boka and Brownswood Recordings. Major support from Scuba, Skream, Mary Anne Hobbs and Giles Peterson, Danny is also an experienced tutor and DJ, billing alongside major players such as Goldie and Pendulum.

With ice-like clinical percussion and warm sub-bass textures underpinned by melancholic layers of synth, Eden Zoo’s sound is at the forefront of modern electronic music. With support from Giles Peterson and Radio One, expect to hear more from this exciting new duo very soon.

Three Indigo Children escaped from an Orwellian society in a parallel world via a rip in space-time fabric. Pseudoscientific minds of planet earth cannot fathom the extra terrestrial ability of the children, but continue to harness what they can of their wisdom by recording their unique, other worldly sounds. They come bearing a message for humanity, elusive and enigmatic, their significance is yet to be understood.

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The 'Flytone' duo, initially drawn together by their undying love for all music, have been playing with house music for years. Their musical inspiration is drawn from a vast collection of genres, ranging from Soul through to Jazz, Hiphop and all forms of Electronic music. A studio filled with many toys and instruments, gives plenty of room for their creativity to thrive. Their tracks are a diverse collaboration of tech-house goodness, with elements of classic house and techno, delivering a kick of pure modern freshness.


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